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Dynamic IT Management in the 21st Century a Guide for CIO

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Today IT managers consider their greatest challenge to be finding a perfect match between the goals of their company and those of the IT department. This book is designed to place into the hands of experienced IT managers, tools with which to face up to this challenge. At the same time,we address the issues involved in technology management. The source of our detailed analyses of the challenges includes numerous reports and analyses from the Gartner Group, Forrester Research,Patricia Seybold, McKinsey and others. 

About the Authors

Werner Schnedl and Markus Schweizer wrote this book as a dissertation for the Executive MBA program of the University of St. Gall. Based on the very positive feedback from the MBA program’s management and from our interview partners the authors started looking for ways to publish it. We would like to thank PricewaterhouseCoopers for making this publication possible. The authors were employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting Services. Werner Schnedl is now running it-architects and Markus Schweizer is partner at get-it-services.

About the Book

The result is a box of proven tools and methods, which we put into a sensible context.We decided to call this toolbox the CIO Navigator. The CIO Navigator is also a design process that helps CIOs to achieve more and communicate their goals.

The CIO Navigator is a compendium of tools ranging from analysis through implementation to success review, which may be helpful for developing IT organisation and strategy. Individual components of the CIO Navigator may be designed as cockpits, which make it possible to measure risk evolution, the extent to which the IT strategy has been implemented, or goal performance of the processes. The implementation issues of our model were discussed with leading senior IT-Managers from the industry and financial services sectors. Their thoughts and ideas have been documented in this book to provide a critical feedback from the «front».

Key questions covered in this Book

  • Which are the most important trends and key issues that have a substantial impact on the performance of IT services?
  • How do I get corporate IT organised so as to continue to benefit from IT despite increasing complexity and volatility?
  • Which goals need to be set for the IT organisation, and how are these goals interrelated ?
  • Which is the appropriate procedure to gradually fine-tune or reshape the IT organisation and to ensure its competitiveness for the 21st century?
  • Where are the limits of IT management,and which are the key factors of IT management for it to serve the well being of the company?

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Book "Dynamic IT Management in the 21 st Century - a Guide for CIOs"  (1.79 MB - PDF)